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Getaway Campers
4 Seater Campervan motorhome rentaluk
Auto1997 - 2001
2.5 litreGas Stove
GPS navigationPower Steering
number of adultsx 2
Rates include: Unlimited mileage, Fully Comprehensive Insurance for drivers 25+ years, UK/European Satellite Navigation, AA Britain and Ireland Camping and Caravan Ground Guide, Breakdown cover for the UK and Europe. 4 Seater Campervan
1-5UK £28.71
6-9UK £28.71
10-14UK £28.71
15-20UK £27.72
21-30UK £27.72
31-59UK £23.76
60+UK £23.76
These prices are for pick ups this week.
Prices may vary according to seasonality.

Hint: Calculate the price of extras for rent on the first booking screen.

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